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2017.05.23 01:51

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Fused silica is the glassy form of quartz and is thus isotropic. It is tough and hard and has Fused Quartz Cover Slips a very N-BK7 Waveplate low expansion. Normal varieties contain water which gives strong absortion in the IR. Water-free varieties are available. There are different types Fused Silica used for different application. We mainly have three types, including JGS1, JGS2, JGS3. Click here for the application and their equivalent to other Fused Silica supplier and our prices our usually much lower. JGS1 is transparent in the ultraviolet and visible regions. It KTP Crystal has no intake hands in B270 Optical Glass 170-250 nm wavelength times and has intensive ALSO intake band in the interval of wavelength 2600-2800 nm. JGS1 is used for optics operating in the deep UV and the visible wavelength range (Laser Lenses, Windows, Prisms, Magnifying mirrors, etc. )#). It is practically without any bubbles and inclusions.